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More Efficiency, Less Bureaucracy

Managing your business takes time, energy, and increasingly high costs, so why should you also waste time managing the money you generate, too? Open an account with us and we’ll make your money work for you.

Online Financial Solutions For the Modern Global Business

IBAN accounts

Dedicated IBAN accounts to take your business to the next level: international

SEPA & SWIFT payments

Make and receive domestic and international multi-currency payments anytime you want

Personal account manager

Let one of our personal account managers create a custom-tailored approach just for you


Prepaid Mastercard (coming soon)

Gain control over your daily expenses and payments with a TIAPLATA prepaid card

Currency exchange (FX)

You have an international mindset, so your money should, too

Mass payments

Save countless hours by processing your payroll, group payouts, and to-do lists with instant mass payouts

E-Money and Payment Services Tailored to You

Open your dedicated IBAN payment account online.

With your own IBAN, designated to only your business, you can receive Cross-Border money transfers to and from your account. Set up an IBAN to process your payments faster and easier than ever. You can begin accepting financial transfers in multiple different currencies within minutes and with competitively low exchange rates and processing fees. As our client, you don’t need to sweat the little things because you can open multiple accounts in the EU to better manage your money and accept other country’s currencies. 

It’s time you take your business international with a virtual account from TIAPLATA.

Prepaid Mastercard (coming soon)

Paying for and managing your daily business expenses should not be complicated. With our prepaid Mastercard, you can pay for the daily costs that keep your business running without wasting unnecessary time at a bank. You can submit and receive B2B global payments just as easily as you can use your new card at retail establishments around the world. Treat your prepaid Mastercard like any other card and enable online payment tracking in ways that make the most sense to you. Even payroll can be made easy with our TIAPLATA cards because you deserve the option to optimize every process in your business.

Gain control over your costs with our prepaid Mastercard.


Online Financial Features for Your Convenience

SEPA Payments

Domestic and international SEPA payments between accounts are prioritized and processed quickly. At TIAPLATA, we are connected to the SEPA network, ensuring a fast execution of transactions every time. No matter the nature of your operations, we always place the protection and security of your information as our highest priority.

SWIFT Payments

SWIFT payments are transactions made through an intermediary that allows you to send and receive electronic payments internationally. The SWIFT network doesn’t actually transfer funds but instead, sends payment orders between institutions using SWIFT codes. It’s a means to transfer money overseas quickly, accurately, and securely. 

Currency Exchange

At TIAPLATA, we offer Currency Exchange Transactions for your convenience. No matter the situation, whether you are processing routine funds transfers, replenishing an account, or conducting important transactions, we are here to help. We strive to always offer competitive foreign exchange rates, regardless of the currency. 


Get to Know Us

TIAPLATA was born from the simple desire to give businesses a more tailored approach to controlling their money without all the hassle of the antiquated systems we’re come to know. We are a payment processor and provider striving to provide globally recognized financial services in secure and convenient, easy to manage processes. At TIAPLATA, we understand your business is unique, so we offer:

International options

For both growing and established corporations of any kind

Individualized solutions

A perfect fit for your exact needs wherever you are and whatever you do


Internationally recognized

Companies from all over the Globe use TIAPLATA to make direct SEPA and SWIFT payments, and we make getting your individual IBAN account quick and easy. 

Custom-tailored solutions

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we strive to provide payments solutions based on your very specific and individual needs. Contact us for your personal consultation to get started! 

100% compliant

At TIAPLATA, we make a point of only working with clients who are absolutely compliant and transparent with their business. Each onboarding procedure and transaction is monitored and backed according to the highest industry standards. 

Secure and efficient

We take our AML/KYC procedures and IT security very seriously because the protection and security of your information is our highest priority. TIAPLATA has satisfied ISO:27001 internal operating standard, so you can rest easy knowing your money is safe with us. 


You should know exactly where you stand with your money, so that’s why we offer automatic updates of your finances and maintain a crystal-clear view of everything including your upcoming transfers, commissions fees, and more.

E-Money and Payment Services Tailored to You


It’s time you take your business international with a virtual account from TIAPLATA. 

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